[ardour-dev] Fwd: [ardour-users] scripting region placement and import

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Jan 17 09:01:38 PST 2005

>o.k. I found the error. One of the selected regions had some
>unreadable format. Ardour reported the error, but displayed the region
>name in the region list. After I had opened the file, resaved it and
>tried to open it again, ardour reported the missing file (it was not
>copied to the "sounds" subdirectory of the session due to the error)
>and failed to open the session.

sounds like an old version of ardour. ardour doesn't fail to open
sessions with missing files now.

>2 more questions:
> - Something strange happens to the region list: After editing the
>   file (even if I didn't make any changes), ardour seems to add a
>   copy of all regions in the region list. Is this expected behaviour?
>   I now have 5 entries of each region in the region list without
>   having modified anything.

send me the session file.

> - If I want to generate/modify the xml file: Can I assign any 32bit
>   integer id to the regions etc. (granted that they are unique) or do
>   they have to follow a special rule?

any 64 bit integer.


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