[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Feb 19 04:25:32 PST 2005

>I was recording stereo files last evening and noticed that the left
>(upper) portion of the waveform displayed pretty much in real-time,
>while the right (lower) seemed to display in chunks about every 5-8
>seconds. Is this in any way related to this fix?

not really. its just a function of the order in which the peakfiles
get written to disk. at least, i believe it is. i was running a
massively slowed-down version of ardour yesterday (running under
valgrind), using 16 tracks, which created delays of several seconds
per channel per track, and the order things got done in was not
entirely predictable.

the fix is related to messages that would print out while recording
about an error when reading from peakfiles. it was caused by the
peakfile building thread modifying the data structure we used to
access the file in the middle of the GUI reading from the file.

>Version was whatever the Planet is providing. New, but not CVS.

yes, and a massive memory hog using 4x more memory than it should :)

>Ardour was wokring very nicely. I was running Muse, LinuxSampler,
>qsampler & Ardour. Everything ran very nicely other than I don't know
>how to really get these apps to have a common transport.

You can't just switch them all to use JACK transport?


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