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Aaron Trumm thirdoption at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 16:50:18 PST 2005

i'm pretty much in exactly the same spot as Geoff here

I could use MTC sync, but nevertheless, ardour's still my main package.  the
entire studio's based around that and for the last year it's been doing
great, everything's coming out peachy

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> I'll chime in here, I am using Ardour everyday now in a professional
> environment. My hardware is technically performing alot better under linux
> thanks to ALSA (better driver than the official drivers) JACK
> and Ardour (intuitive, functional, clean... I could go on). I've got 3
> machines;
> LinFX - JACK Rack (effects) / Ardour (recording) / Jamin (mastering) /
> (cd burning).
> LinDAW - Ardour (general DAW duties)
> MidiSampler - JACK fst (running Kontakt) / Rosegarden (midi) / ZynaddsubFX
> (synths)
> If I had reliable MTC and a video server for Adour this would be
> perfect! As it is I ain't complaining.
> Cheers and Good luck with the book, Paul!
> Geoff
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