[ardour-dev] o'reilly

David dplist at free.fr
Tue Feb 15 16:17:19 PST 2005

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 18:38:32 -0500
Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:

> i am having a conversation with an editor from o'reilly:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This looks interesting.  Tell me more:
> -- How many people are actively using Ardour in day-to-day operations?
>  In
> other words, what's the installed base right now?
> -- How many downloads of Ardour have there been?
> -- Are there any "high profile" users?  For example, did Green Day
> record their latest and greatest using Ardour?
> I'm trying to establish the current market size and growth
> rate which, in turn, will help me determine the potential for sales of
> books about the tool.

Well, excuse my innocence, but for sure an O'Reilly book chapter on
ardour is definitely what could raise a "market size" and a "growth
rate" !

> The program looks cool to me as someone who has spent many, many hours
> in recording studios (as a musician).  However, my experience has been
> almost entirely analog and my digital recording experience is limited
> almost entirely to a single recording session in a ProTools
> environment, and in using Garageband on my Mac at home to replace my
> Tascam PortaStudio
> ;-)------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---

So the writer is obviously accustomed with digital audio and multi-track
recording, then let him just try ardour for one of his own compositions
and he should be convinced.

When, so to say, weird Linux Audio things as jack ports and such are
learned, it is getting obious that ardour does the trick by far, as
long as you know what to expect : no MIDI sequencing, yes ok, but a
full featured multi-track audio recorder and editor with a GUI. And
you know what ? It is GPL'ed ! Get ALSA, Jack, your kernel and your disk
to cooperate, and just play.

> what should my answers be?
> --p

Sorry for not being constructive, but, hmmm, thanks Paul !

David (now, this is fan mail or what ?! ;)

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