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Tue Feb 15 16:02:59 PST 2005

> i am having a conversation with an editor from o'reilly:
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> This looks interesting.  Tell me more:
> -- How many people are actively using Ardour in day-to-day operations?
> In other words, what's the installed base right now?
> -- How many downloads of Ardour have there been?
> -- Are there any "high profile" users?  For example, did Green Day
> record their latest and greatest using Ardour?
> I'm trying to establish the current market size and growth rate which,
> in turn, will help me determine the potential for sales of books about
> the tool.
> The program looks cool to me as someone who has spent many, many hours
> in recording studios (as a musician).  However, my experience has been
> almost entirely analog and my digital recording experience is limited
> almost entirely to a single recording session in a ProTools environment,
> and in using Garageband on my Mac at home to replace my Tascam
> PortaStudio ;-)
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> what should my answers be?

I'm nothing but a weekend hack anymore (and less of that than I'd like).
I'm that way because I now hold down a regular day gig that provides the
money to buy said book! Hell, I'll buy, one for each room if it helps your
cause. :) And the ultimate end goal is not how often I use it but that
everything I do gets done in Ardour, espescially when Midi support or
inbuilt sequencer is a part of the show! Right now all multi track work I
do is in Ardour.

> --p
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