[ardour-dev] I would like to implement a feature in ardour

Andre Raue dawng at raue.info
Sat Dec 10 02:45:28 PST 2005


first of all, thank you very much for your answers :-)

Tommi Sakari Uimonen wrote:
>> concrete: Who decides, if my idea is in line with the concept of ardour,
>> if I am "allowed" to implement it, if the implementation fulfills the
>> quality requirements, ...
> You are already allowed to implement it, but wheter it will be included 
> in CVS, is another question. It's up to the current maintainers.
Should I contact Paul directly, if I liked to know whether my idea is 
supported? I would not like to invest all the time/work without a 
reasonable result.

>> Do I need to use a certain IDE or may I just use my favorite one?
> Your favourite, but if I remember correct, before you send patches, they 
> should follow the coding guidelines which I don't quite remember now. 
> There was a post about the coding guidelines maybe a year ago or 
> something, so if you can search archives you could find it. I think it 
> was Paul that gave them (if it helps to limit the search)
Maybe I chose the wrong keywords, but I could not find it in the 
archives. Again Paul directly?

Meanwhile I browsed a bit through the code using the web access. I found 
only one dialog created with glade. Did I overlook something? Are 
dialogs created with glade unwanted? Or will you start using glade with 
ardour based on gtk2?

>> Who can give me access to the CVS repository?
Well, this was a stupid question. Should have read the download-page 
before ;-).



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