[ardour-dev] I would like to implement a feature in ardour

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen at cc.hut.fi
Sat Dec 10 04:21:42 PST 2005

> Hello,
> first of all, thank you very much for your answers :-)

You are welcome.

>> You are already allowed to implement it, but wheter it will be included
>> in CVS, is another question. It's up to the current maintainers.
> Should I contact Paul directly, if I liked to know whether my idea is
> supported? I would not like to invest all the time/work without a
> reasonable result.

Well, the CVS is undergoing a big transition right now, and I doubt that 
Paul will accept any new features until the gtk2 port is complete. Your 
idea sounds very good to me, and I don't see why it wouldn't be included.

> Maybe I chose the wrong keywords, but I could not find it in the
> archives. Again Paul directly?

The old archives might be present at sourgeforce. Current archives at 
ardour.org start from Feb 2004, it might be possible that it was posted 
earlier than that. But just look at the code, what convention is used to 
name functions, stick to that. Don't use tabs, but spaces.

> Andre


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