[ardour-dev] I would like to implement a feature in ardour

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen at cc.hut.fi
Fri Dec 9 00:53:01 PST 2005

Hello. I don't know all the answers, but I'll try to answer to the easy 

> concrete: Who decides, if my idea is in line with the concept of ardour,
> if I am "allowed" to implement it, if the implementation fulfills the
> quality requirements, ...

You are already allowed to implement it, but wheter it will be included in 
CVS, is another question. It's up to the current maintainers.

> What is the best way to start programming ardour?

Try to change some existing functionality. I your case, try the export 
functionality and try to make small changes and see whether they work as 

> Do I need to use a certain IDE or may I just use my favorite one?

Your favourite, but if I remember correct, before you send patches, they 
should follow the coding guidelines which I don't quite remember now. 
There was a post about the coding guidelines maybe a year ago or 
something, so if you can search archives you could find it. I think it was 
Paul that gave them (if it helps to limit the search)

> Who can give me access to the CVS repository?

Currently the anonymous CVS is closed, due to user rights problem (all 
users will get also writing permissions and the core developers just can't 
let that happen)
I think it's better to just experiment with current release. But you have 
to wait for the gtk2 transition to complete, before you get access to the 
current branch. And I suppose there is no reason to send patches against 
the current release, better wait, and then patch against 2.0

> Are there any coding guidelines?

See above

> Based on which version should I start developing? Should I branch or
> should I just use CVS head?

See above

> How do I have to set up my development environment?

You need a bunch of development libraries. How you install them, depends 
on your distribution. On debian stable, installing libardour0-dev should 
be enough.

> Is there anything else, I should know?
> Is there some documentation that could help me?



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