[ardour-dev] Compilation problem in last step, solution

job at aarnolds.de job at aarnolds.de
Mon Aug 15 02:28:15 PDT 2005

job at aarnolds.de wrote:
>>> gtk_ardour/ardour.bin I get:
>>> `.gnu.linkonce.t._ZN13StringPrivate11char_to_intEc' referenced in
>>> section `.rodata' of gtk_ardour/ardour_ui.o: defined in discarded
>>> section `.gnu.linkonce.t._ZN13StringPrivate11char_to_intEc' of
>>> gtk_ardour/ardour_ui.o ...

I found a solution for the problem: when compiling with 'DEBUG=yes'
the linking of ardour binary will work. Unfortunately I don't have any
optimizations specifiying this option.

Thanks for your help,


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