[ardour-dev] Segmentation fault loading sessions

Daniel Hawthorn mail at drhweb.net
Wed Aug 10 07:19:14 PDT 2005

Hey all,

My recording computer just died and I've had to move all my sessions
over to my other system.  The original system was a PIII running a
compiled source tarball of ardour 0.9beta28.  The sessions are now on my
Mac G3 iBook.

I have ardour 0.9beta29 running fine on my iBook using a debian package
from testing.  I can create and open sessions that were created on my
iBook fine.  However, when I try to open any session that was created on
my original system, ardour segfaults immediately.

The version of Ardour on my mac is 0.589.2 with libardour 0.887.1.  I
tried using a 0.9beta28 deb from debian stable but it exhibited the same

If I move a session file away from the rest of the session data (i.e.,
off in a directory by itself) and open it, I get the usual errors about
missing data but the session opens without a segfault.

Any ideas on how to proceed?


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