[ardour-dev] More on MMC

Joe Hartley jh at brainiac.com
Mon Apr 4 17:01:39 PDT 2005

Yesterday I had a great session recording my son's band.  6 tracks
recording at once, and I used the BCF to mis on the fly, which was a
lot of fun.

As I started into the mixing process, though, I am finding some very
odd things about using the BCF with Ardour.  Certain functions seem to
come and go!  Most noticable is when the MMC controls for Play, Stop 
and Locate 0 stop working.  I also seem to lose the mappings for solo
and mute, but rarely lose the fader mappings.

At one point, I was absolutely unable to re-map a button to the solo 
for a track.  I'd get the "operate controller" message, but despite 
repeated presses of the button, I couldn't get it to map.  I'd thought 
perhaps I'd lost all MIDI functions, but at that point I had MMC control
and could play and stop using the BCF!

As I write this and muck about with the BCF, I just had a panner in
Ardour refuse to bind to a knob.  I fiddled with another channel's 
panner, and it worked fine.  Then I tried to bind the first channel
again, and it took it with no problem!

It's very strange - sometimes the controls work, sometimes they don't.
They'll come and go in the same session at times!

Any ideas, or clues on what I should try to do to debug this?

Also, the "follow playhead" state does not seem to be saved.  I have
to turn it on every time I open the session.  Minor, but I'm pretty
sure that used to work.

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