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Fri Oct 15 18:53:54 PDT 2004

hmmm maybe I'll try that - I did look at the start up messages and lo and
behold, "no MIDI port defined" - hmmmm.  ecasound knows about the MIDI

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Try deleting your ardour.rc file. Jesse Chappel sugested I do thius once
when I had no MTC sync option and it worked. I'm using a couple of midiman
USB interfaces and they are great.

I have used the machine for 2 more whole days since  with no problems at all
... I'm a happy camper.
I must add that at the moment I'm not pushing the system at all, only 5 or
so tracks so far over 5 tunes, but next wek I'll be digitizing about 15-20
Orch instruments into it... then we'll see.
I can send you mine next week if you like, I'm not in the studio this week

Good Luck.

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On 10/15/2004 at 2:49 PM Third Option wrote:

>Welp, I have a report - I updated to beta19 and I must report no MTC sync
>success :(
>this is beta19-r1, the (masked) gentoo ebuild - 2.6 kernel blah blah
>The option box to send MTC sync can't even be checked - click and nothing
>happens, it's disabled
>anybody know what might be the difference between me and 'ol Geoff?
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>> believe it big boy ...it's f***n troo !!!!  Really and for real. I'm
>that most wonderful of distro's Planet CCRMA on RH9 2.4. low latency kernel
>Ardour beta 19 on an ice1712 chipset running at  128 frames (5.8 ms
>with no operational x-runs AT ALL. I got 1 (read ONE) x-run when i shutdown
>Ardour It has been working all day now from 6:30 am this morn (I'm about to
>go get the  kiddlings) to  now.... trust me It's working alright.
>> GREAT .... GO TELL THE WORLD.........
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