[ardour-dev] MTC Ardour master Samplitude slave

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Oct 13 15:22:23 PDT 2004

Hi Geoff:

  I'm running Ardour beta19 built from today's CVS tarball. When I try 
using MTC Out I receive a bunch of messages telling me this:

    Session: cannot send quarter-frame MTC message (operation not 

  I've tried all time flavors but I get the same message. The error 
locks up Ardour: the GUI disappears in parts, the playback cursor stops, 
and I have to kill it manually.

  Can you give some more details regarding your success with MTC ? What 
MIDI devices are you using ? Did you perform any particular magic 
incantation at a certain time of day, anything like that ? ;)



Geoff Beasley wrote:

>now, recorded click from Ardour into Samplitude, then panned L& R  on desk played back and locked tight. Slight compensation from Samplitude as it resamples the playback on the fly. but it's about 3% of a semitone - insignificant and quite undetectable.
>MTC out with all time flavors is rock solid. Good work Paul and Gang.
>Very excitng. Now I'm going to try the other way 'round, but frankly I don't care anymore... at least I can make Ardour master and therefore I'm heaven !
>More later.
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