[ardour-dev] Ardour panning wonderful !

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Wed Oct 13 18:37:56 PDT 2004

Wow, using this thing finally Paul is just a pleasure. But so far for me the big things is ( after MTC master of coarse!) the panning model... I have declared for sometime that most digital mixing systems, under Windoze "stereo devices" model anyway, is really a "balance" control and not pan at all. This discrete  model you are using is vastly superior... may a million flower petals shower you with Joy.....or what-ever.

I'm gonna have to send you some money next week ... I hope you all get the rewards you rightly deserve, every one of you !
I will be telling EVERYONE I know in the game 'round here anyway.... nuff bowing and scraping for now..... sorry, I'm just so excited by all this....

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