[ardour-dev] Fwd: [ardour-users] fst configure error

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Oct 13 13:05:05 PDT 2004

>Yes, that's exactly what I have been doing, with RPMs from planet CCRMA.

>I had the 0.9beta19 RPM binary from planet CCRMA and it crashed when
>trying to edit any plugin.  So I opened a bug on mantis, which you
>closed earlier this week with a reference to not being able to
>support fixes on binaries from uncontrolled distributions. So here I
>am, stuck...  trying to get Ardour to _work_, and being instructed on
>mantis by the developer's implication that the fix for the bug, or at
>least the beginning of getting any attention for the bu g, is to
>begin with installing from source, and then when I run into trouble,
>the ardour-users list forwards me here where it is suggested that I
>go back to the planet CCRMA RPM with the unfixable bug...  hey I'd
>prefer to stick with the planet CCRMA RPM to begin with, but it
>doesn't work.  It's tough on the one hand for you to suggest that we
>use RPMs or other method from planet CCRMA (I don't use apt because
>this machine's not on a network), and then bail out of fixing bugs
>that may be manifest in that method of distribution.

A tough situation, and I sympathize with you. On the other hand,
please understand that nobody using a source build has been able to
duplicate the problem you've reported, which suggests that it is a
CCRMA-build specific problem. Its pretty hard for us to debug a
problem like that and we'd rather than Fernando and/or the community
of CCRMA-loving ardour users figure it out. But yeah, not very nice
for you.

>...  so...  I just tried to build Ardour again and I'll type in all of the 
>errors and post them here, because maybe they're real...

Please do so. They are unlikely to be real, given that there are
several thousand people who have compiled ardour from source (judging
from a very conservative interpretation of the download figures). But
will do our best to help you fix/understand them.


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