[ardour-dev] issues with plugin in/out counts

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Fri Nov 26 07:08:52 PST 2004

--- Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, 26 Nov 2004 11:06:18 +0100, Michael Schnake
> <schnake at composition.de> wrote:

> Personally I'm more concerned about a program
> sending audio someplace
> I don't understand (using Ardour magic or an
> adapter) than the 5
> minutes it will take me to do this once or twice a
> year.  Again, I
> work with mono tracks (from microphones, etc.) and
> stereo tracks (from
> some hardware and loops) exclusively. I think that
> probably 98% of
> Ardour's users do the same. Why complicate things
> when the user base
> isn't asking for it or really needing it, and
> certainly when all of
> this can be done correctly with an extra bus on the
> side?

Some of the user base is asking for it; Gerard and
Fons come to mind. Many of us aren't experienced
enough to understand the ramifications. If the
developers implement a solution to the sophisticated
possibilities, then %98 of us have a chance to become
more creative in our mixing strategies than what you
or I might be doing today.

Without having given the conversation a fair shake, my
intuition says try very hard not to simplify Ardour
development by skiping past difficult challanges in
order to ease the workload.


> Thanks,
> Mark
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