[ardour-dev] Loading a session in beta21 crashes X

Chris Ross chris at tebibyte.org
Tue Nov 9 04:35:38 PST 2004

Paul Davis escreveu:
> lets start with a complete description of your system. hardware,
> kernel version, X server version, any desktop environment in use, as
> much as you can think of.

SuSE 9.0 on a Pentium IV 2.8GHz, 256 MB RAM, Midiman Delta 44 + OmniIO 
box, running on the stock SuSE kernel (2.4.21-243-default) using 
WindowMaker as the desktop. The /home partition (where the session is) 
has 36GB free.

>>out how it is possible for ardour to take down the entire machine and if 
> not the whole machine, just the X server.

OK, I admit I was being melodramatic. However, as right as you are 
technically from the user point of view the difference is between "lose 
all your work, then log in and start again from scratch" vs. "lose all 
your work, then press reset, log in and start again from scratch". I.e. 
not very.

> there are definitely some X
> server setups out there that are unstable in the face of programs that
> are can be as potentially resource-hungry as ardour.

My guess is that this is problem, in trying to split it up into tracks 
I've ended up with many regions, e.g. audio1-12 and the system crawls to 
a halt with the disk light on constantly. Strangely it doesn't seem to 
be paging, top shows about 33M of swap used with actually pretty light 
on this machine.


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