[ardour-dev] deep design question: help requested (rapidly)

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 14:06:37 PDT 2004

Are regions and their derivitives also playlists?
Hmmm, not exactly because a playlist includes
additional information; gain, pan, etc.

* derivitives should append an extension to the
original name
* names should be user definiable
* names in the region view should be those that are
seen in the track playlist

User definable playlist names are very important. If
I'm not mistaken, this feature was requested prior to
the feature freeze. :) If you consider a session that
has 32 tracks and each track has 3 playlists we have
96 playlists. All playlists are seen in every track.
It insn't reasonable to sort through all the names to
find what's wanted.

I'm not certain that region and playlist names should
be the same. Can there be regions that don't have a
playlist? I suspect not, actually, yes there can
be--imported regions are an example. Even if yes, once
the region is dropped onto a track it must have a
playlist. In this case, regions should have default or
user defined names and they should dictate playlist

Then again, if a playlist name is changed that event
should change the name of a region. Good grief, what
am getting at. :)

Anyway, that's some quick thoughts on a topic that
deserves much better attention. Sorry. I'm in the
middle of rebuilding everything and thought I'd take a
quick break.


--- Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:
> One of the premises of Ardour, inherited from
> studying other DAWs such
> as ProTools, Nuendo and Samplitude, is that the UI
> should offer the
> user a list of all regions, possibly
> filtering/hiding parts of it in
> various ways if the user asks for that.
> Assuming that this premise is true (and it seems
> like a good one),
> lets suppose that we have a region, we'll call it
> region A. we modify
> region A, perhaps by trimming it or some other
> operation. we end up
> with a modified version. there are two choices with
> how we can
> implement this:
>    1) it could be the same region, but with modified
> data. call that
>         region A'
>    2) it could be a new region, similar to A but
> different in whatever
>         way was involved in the edit. call that
> region B.
> put more abstractly, is it possible to edit a
> region, or is it only
> possible to create a new region based on the old
> one?
> at the moment, ardour is using strategy (1), which
> leads to a
> problem. after the edit, what does the session list
> contain:
> 	  [ region A ] OR
> 	  [ region A'] OR
> 	  [ region A, region A' ]
> ardour used to use strategy (2), but the way we
> implemented it led to
> many nasty issues.
> comments are urgently sought ..
> --p
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