[ardour-dev] Testing 09beta12-1 (was "Testing cvs 05/17/2004")

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue May 18 06:31:39 PDT 2004

>Mmh. I just tried again with 09beta12-1. During playback I can add a=20
>track, arm and record to it. The audio is there and plays back as well=20

just good luck, honest :)

>=2D- supersmooth. I save the session, close and reopen. The audio of that=20
>added track is gone.

>Being able to add a track during playback would smooth the workflow --=20
>setting up the inputs etc. for the new track while listening. I don't=20
>think it's a mandatory feature but it would increase the overall=20
>feeling of graciousness. Well, when recording with a band it might even=20
>be mandatory: they want to listen, you want to setup the next step.


>=46rom what I understand about a daw's audio engine you mux all existing=20
>streams into the outputs, no matter if they have audio or not -- for=20
>latency, right? And that adding a track in the middle of that mucks up=20
>muxing -- is that true? Is that the reason you don't want to allow=20

it will cause a glitch in the audio, or rather, it can.

>Still happens with 09beta12-1:
>New session, 2 tracks with fresh audio.
>No crash with 1st add+remove during playback.
>Crash with the 2nd add+remove.
>Reopening that session still has the track (sometimes). Remove =3D=20
>Reopen and the track is gone (IO says correctly "Cannot connect ...")

see my message about "wait up on beta12" :(

>> >* The Click fader setting is not restored upon reloading a session.
>I can't figure it out: Click fader setting is sometimes restored,=20
>sometimes set to -inf, sometimes set to 0,0 (09beta12-1)

Check the value in the session file. Look for "Click", then find the
<IO...> node, and look at the gain value there.

>> >* Click (Session =3D 48 kHz)
>> >Assigning a 2-channel 44,1 kHz wav to one of the clicks silences
>> > click.
>> I can't duplicate either of these two problems. Any more data/info
>> you think might be relevant?
>Still happens ("cannot read data from click soundfile"). The soundfile=20
>plays in the selector (2-channel 44,1 kHZ 16 bit signed pcm according=20
>to the soundfile selector). Click is back only after typing in=20
>"internal", saving and reopening the session. Well, if you can't=20
>reproduce this then there's probably something special about this=20
>soundfile. Don't know what though. I'll investigate. (09beta12-1)

try using sndfile-info on the file. this will use libsndfile.


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