[ardour-dev] segfault while creating new track

TommyDrum mycooc at yahoo.it
Mon May 17 15:38:54 PDT 2004

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Hello, this is my first post to this list (so hello everyone :) and my
first attempt to debug ardour, through gdb with "thread apply all bt"; I
don't know much about debugging, because I'm fairly new with linux (a
year or so), I just followed the indications posted on the mailing list,
even though I understand little about threads...

The segfault happens 9 times out of 10 (randomly) after selecting "ok"
to create a new track of whatever kind -either bus or track, mono or
multichannel- (editor, left or right click on the empty space ->
selection -> ok). An arithmetic exception occurs (5 times out of 10)
when trying to remove a track (empty or full). Both debug outputs included.

I'm using gentoo latest on a pentium III 600 with 512mb of ram, a cirrus
logic cs4624 audio card (pretty useless, I admit)

libardour is 0.807.1
ardour/gtk 0.506.0

Sorry in advance if I'm wrong for posting this to the list, as I'm eager
to contribute in all means possible (though not a programmer or
developer); if there's something else needed or if I should post gdbs'
in a different manner (since I have lots of segfaults during the
sessions) please let me know.

Keep on the good work,
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