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Subject: [ardour-users] export confusion
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 19:08:14 +0100
From: derek holzer <derek at x-i.net>
To: "Ardour User's List" <ardour-users-ardour.org at lists.ardour.org>

Hi all,

I am exporting some tracks to 16 bit WAV, and once again Ardour has me 
totally baffled.

First of all, sndfile-info and the native soundfile library in Ardour 
tell me that the files I have exported are in fact 16 bit, but the size 
is totally wrong: 308.7 Mb for a 15:17 min soundfile. That is 32 bit 
size! Audacity is the only app that seems to realize this, and reports 
the exact same files as 32 bit float...

Second of all, there is some unaccounted-for gain in the levels of the 
tracks. Earlier in the session, I ran the tracks through Jamin with a 
limiter at -0.6 dB. The resulting tracks, when exported, show up clipped 
in any sound editor. Re-importing them into Ardour, I see that they are 
in fact peaking at 0 dB. So then I try exporting them with the mixer 
fader set to -2.1 dB, and the resulting track shows a peak level of -0.3 
in Ardour!


Any clue how this is possible?
Using Planet CCRMA RPM for Ardour 0.9beta11.2-1
Ardour/GTK 0.453.1 running with libardour 0.728.1

derek holzer ::: http://www.umatic.nl
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