[ardour-dev] StreamPanners can MUTE?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jun 17 20:24:41 PDT 2004

>ok I decided that panning might want to be bypassed, fair enough, but 
>muted? or set position? ok maybe that has something to do with pan 

yes. muting a stream panner means that it will send no signal to its

set_position()'s semantics vary depending on the concrete instance of
a StreamPanner. for a stereo panner, only the x value is of
significance, and it maps to a left/right position, normalized to
0..1, with 0=left.

>Moving along X would make move from left to right, moving along Y would 
>make move from centre to surround, but what's zed for? I'm a bit confused.  
>Have I missed some mail that describes the new pans?  Just point me to a 
>subject to look at

if you use a Multi2dPanner, then the x + y axes are both used to
position the audio in a 2d plane.

i have not yet written a Multi3dPanner which would use x,y and z.


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