[ardour-dev] StreamPanners can MUTE?

Jeremy Hall jhall at maoz.com
Thu Jun 17 19:25:46 PDT 2004


ok I decided that panning might want to be bypassed, fair enough, but 
muted? or set position? ok maybe that has something to do with pan 

oh wait set position, that's not a jack_frames_t, so is it setting the 
position of something on a grid? there's an x, y, and zed grid reference 
point.  How can you move in 3d?

Moving along X would make move from left to right, moving along Y would 
make move from centre to surround, but what's zed for? I'm a bit confused.  
Have I missed some mail that describes the new pans?  Just point me to a 
subject to look at


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