[ardour-dev] Re: [ardour-users] ok, spoke too soon... major crash w/ 0.9beta16.1

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Jun 8 17:37:51 PDT 2004

Joe Cooper wrote:

> It's worth pointing out here that a user level application, like ardour, 
> cannot bring down a system*.  Only a system level bug can do that (or 
> hardware failure).  Ardour might tickle the bug, but if your system 
> crashed or froze while running Ardour then the kernel has a bug. 
> Possibly, since presumably you've never seen it outside of Ardour (or 
> you wouldn't be blaming Ardour) it is in the sound card driver you are 
> using.  

Using ALSA driver version 1.0.5 compiled seperate from kernel. I am 
wondering if it is a 2.6 issue or not. I'm compiling 2.4.26 on the same 
machine while trying to recreate the session I lost...

> Jack might also be to blame, since it usually runs with rt 
> priority, needs special privileges, and seems to interact more closely 
> with the kernel than most sound servers (I'm guessing--I don't know 
> where the user/system line is in the alsa/jack stack).

Jack version is 0.98.1-r1. Was not running -rt, but was running as root.

Thanks for the advice on dd and file recovery. I'll put the firewire 
drive aside till I can mess with it more. Unfortunately, I'd already 
remopunted it and messed around a bit inside before getting your email, 
so I am not sure if a "clean" fsck will be possible. Ah well....


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