[ardour-dev] ardour-0.9beta10 released

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Mon Feb 16 08:51:34 PST 2004

It's gradual.  The mouse slows down and there is a *lot* of disk/memory
activity.  There are a number of regions IDed the same as left and one
for right.  What I have here is a session consisting of a whole ton of
drum loops.  The first drum loop is the "left" region and I used that
region a number of times throughout the piece.  Either using the
duplicate region or inserting it again independently.  The last drum
loop is an ending section and is only used once.  I'm wondering if it's
getting confused by all of the duplicate regions.


On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 10:26, Paul Davis wrote:
> >	The following lines cause the lockup in a very simple session that I
> >have.  I locked it up, rebooted, locked it up again just to make sure,
> >rebooted, removed the lines and it ran fine.  auto-crossfade is set to
> >"no".
> ok, this looks like a different problem. if possible, i'd like to
> investigate a bit further.
> when you say "locked it up", does this take some time or is it
> instantaneous? do you know if there is a of swap/disk activity
> beforehand? could check to see if there is a region in the session
> file for each of the two ID's listed as "left" and "right"?
> --p

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