[ardour-dev] ardour-0.9beta10 released

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Tue Feb 17 04:59:23 PST 2004


More info.  I just made some modifications to the session that I had
removed the offending crossfade lines from.  After modifying it I saved
the session.  When I went back in to it I got the same lockup.  On
looking at the file I find these new lines:

      <Crossfade left="677517687111" right="77885335679779" active="no">
          <point x="0" y="0.000000"/>
          <point x="36" y="0.010000"/>
          <point x="73" y="0.030000"/>
          <point x="147" y="0.300000"/>
          <point x="184" y="0.500000"/>
          <point x="239" y="0.800000"/>
          <point x="294" y="0.970000"/>
          <point x="331" y="0.990000"/>
          <point x="368" y="1.000000"/>
          <point x="0" y="1.000000"/>
          <point x="36" y="0.990000"/>
          <point x="73" y="0.970000"/>
          <point x="128" y="0.800000"/>
          <point x="184" y="0.500000"/>
          <point x="220" y="0.300000"/>
          <point x="294" y="0.030000"/>
          <point x="331" y="0.010000"/>
          <point x="368" y="0.000000"/>
      <Crossfade left="77885335679779" right="672561046125" active="no">
          <point x="0" y="0.000000"/>
          <point x="35" y="0.010000"/>
          <point x="70" y="0.030000"/>
          <point x="140" y="0.300000"/>
          <point x="175" y="0.500000"/>
          <point x="228" y="0.800000"/>
          <point x="280" y="0.970000"/>
          <point x="315" y="0.990000"/>
          <point x="351" y="1.000000"/>
          <point x="0" y="1.000000"/>
          <point x="35" y="0.990000"/>
          <point x="70" y="0.970000"/>
          <point x="122" y="0.800000"/>
          <point x="175" y="0.500000"/>
          <point x="210" y="0.300000"/>
          <point x="280" y="0.030000"/>
          <point x="315" y="0.010000"/>
          <point x="351" y="0.000000"/>

Again, those regions do exist although there are many copies of the
first region.  Would you like me to send you a copy of the .ardour file
or is there something else I can do to help debug this?


On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 10:51, Jan Depner wrote:
> It's gradual.  The mouse slows down and there is a *lot* of disk/memory
> activity.  There are a number of regions IDed the same as left and one
> for right.  What I have here is a session consisting of a whole ton of
> drum loops.  The first drum loop is the "left" region and I used that
> region a number of times throughout the piece.  Either using the
> duplicate region or inserting it again independently.  The last drum
> loop is an ending section and is only used once.  I'm wondering if it's
> getting confused by all of the duplicate regions.
> Jan
> On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 10:26, Paul Davis wrote:
> > >	The following lines cause the lockup in a very simple session that I
> > >have.  I locked it up, rebooted, locked it up again just to make sure,
> > >rebooted, removed the lines and it ran fine.  auto-crossfade is set to
> > >"no".
> > 
> > ok, this looks like a different problem. if possible, i'd like to
> > investigate a bit further.
> > 
> > when you say "locked it up", does this take some time or is it
> > instantaneous? do you know if there is a of swap/disk activity
> > beforehand? could check to see if there is a region in the session
> > file for each of the two ID's listed as "left" and "right"?
> > 
> > --p
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