[ardour-dev] ardour-0.9beta10 released

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Mon Feb 16 06:14:55 PST 2004


	The following lines cause the lockup in a very simple session that I
have.  I locked it up, rebooted, locked it up again just to make sure,
rebooted, removed the lines and it ran fine.  auto-crossfade is set to

      <Crossfade left="77885335679779" right="79340044935889"
          <point x="0" y="0"/>
          <point x="19" y="0.01"/>
          <point x="38" y="0.03"/>
          <point x="76" y="0.3"/>
          <point x="95" y="0.5"/>
          <point x="123.5" y="0.8"/>
          <point x="152" y="0.97"/>
          <point x="171" y="0.99"/>
          <point x="190" y="1"/>
          <point x="0" y="1"/>
          <point x="19" y="0.99"/>
          <point x="38" y="0.97"/>
          <point x="66.5" y="0.8"/>
          <point x="95" y="0.5"/>
          <point x="114" y="0.3"/>
          <point x="152" y="0.03"/>
          <point x="171" y="0.01"/>
          <point x="190" y="0"/>


On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 07:40, Paul Davis wrote:
> fixes applied/noted. thank you.
> >	Another problem that has been cropping up for me (not specific to this
> >release) - if I work on a session for a while, save it, and reopen it I
> >sometimes get a system lockup (complete, requiring pushing the little
> >blue button of death).  Through patient research (TM, pat. pending -
> >also known as a WAG :D) I have found that if I remove all of the
> >crossfade lines from the .ardour file this goes away.  I have no idea
> >what the crossfade stuff is doing but there is no apparent effect on the
> >audio.
> i suspect you had a problem with a previous version in which
> any automation data/curves were stored in an incorrect format. for
> various reasons this leads to the code in libart_lgpl behaving very
> badly and allocating huge quantities of memory, causing a swap storm
> and ultimately killing things or the machine.
> i don't know of a long term fix for this - there are no actual illegal
> values for automation data - but the immediate cause of it was fixed 
> recently.
> and then again, perhaps you have uncovered some other problem. if you
> have them, i'd be interested to see the lines you had to remove.
> --p

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