[ardour-dev] ardour-0.9beta10 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Feb 16 05:40:09 PST 2004

fixes applied/noted. thank you.

>	Another problem that has been cropping up for me (not specific to this
>release) - if I work on a session for a while, save it, and reopen it I
>sometimes get a system lockup (complete, requiring pushing the little
>blue button of death).  Through patient research (TM, pat. pending -
>also known as a WAG :D) I have found that if I remove all of the
>crossfade lines from the .ardour file this goes away.  I have no idea
>what the crossfade stuff is doing but there is no apparent effect on the

i suspect you had a problem with a previous version in which
any automation data/curves were stored in an incorrect format. for
various reasons this leads to the code in libart_lgpl behaving very
badly and allocating huge quantities of memory, causing a swap storm
and ultimately killing things or the machine.

i don't know of a long term fix for this - there are no actual illegal
values for automation data - but the immediate cause of it was fixed 

and then again, perhaps you have uncovered some other problem. if you
have them, i'd be interested to see the lines you had to remove.


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