[Ardour-Users] Ardour as a midi timecode slave

robertlazarski robertlazarski at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 14:15:01 PDT 2021

On Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 9:43 AM Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net>

> On Sun, 25 Apr 2021 08:36:42 -1000, robertlazarski wrote:
> >it only showed midi connections in the qjackctl alsa pane, not the
> >midi pane
> Hi,
> the MIDI tab is for jack MIDI and the ALSA tab is for ALSA MIDI.
> Actually connecting to external MIDI hardware is done via ALSA MIDI.
> Depending on the used setup, you need to bridge jack and ALSA MIDI.
> Keyword "a2j_control", while it's not the one and only universal
> keyword.

So I made some progress connecting jack_midi_clock to Rosegarden using
'a2jmidid -e' - I think that may be the equivalent of 'a2j_control start' .
With the jack transport off in Rosegarden, it accepted midi start / stop
though as expected it didn't sync BPM.

I have two problems still:

1) I need to automate the jack "rolling feature" via command line
execution, i.e. the play button in the qjackctl UI. That will start/stop
the transport in Rosegarden via jack_midi_clock start / stop commands. I
couldn't figure out how to automate the play button. Even without qjackctl
I am not sure how to start/stop jackd rolling from the command line. Any

2) I am trying to do everything on the command line without qjackctl. I
started jackd with my user account as "/usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -dhw:USBPre2
-r48000 -p1024 -n2 -Xseq " . Then I executed jack_mclk_dump, then
"/usr/local/bin/jack_midi_clock --bpm 42 jack_mclk_dump:mclk_in" . Then
'a2jmidid -e' , then Rosegarden.

Where I am stuck is on the right syntax for a2j_control to map
jack_midi_clock:mclk_out to "rosegarden [131] (playback): record in". I
think I need the mj2a flag? Please see my qjackctl session.xml file. I am
about to buy a m-audio Uno midi interface and I am trying to figure out how
to use a2j_control to connect jack_midi_clock to it as an ALSA device since
I expect the Uno to connect to Linux over ALSA.

<!DOCTYPE qjackctlSession>
<session name="qq">
 <client name="system">
  <port type="out" name="capture_1">
   <connect port="record in 1 L" client="rosegarden"/>
  <port type="out" name="capture_2">
   <connect port="record in 1 R" client="rosegarden"/>
  <port type="in" name="playback_1">
   <connect port="master out L" client="rosegarden"/>
  <port type="in" name="playback_2">
   <connect port="master out R" client="rosegarden"/>
  <port type="out" name="midi_capture_1"/>
  <port type="in" name="midi_playback_1"/>
  <port type="in" name="midi_playback_21"/>
  <port type="out" name="midi_capture_34"/>
  <port type="out" name="midi_capture_35"/>
 <client name="rosegarden">
  <port type="out" name="master out L">
   <connect port="playback_1" client="system"/>
  <port type="out" name="master out R">
   <connect port="playback_2" client="system"/>
  <port type="out" name="record monitor out L"/>
  <port type="out" name="record monitor out R"/>
  <port type="in" name="record in 1 L">
   <connect port="capture_1" client="system"/>
  <port type="in" name="record in 1 R">
   <connect port="capture_2" client="system"/>
  <port type="in" name="record in 2 L"/>
  <port type="in" name="record in 2 R"/>
 <client name="jack_mclk_dump">
  <port type="in" name="mclk_in">
   <connect port="mclk_out" client="jack_midi_clock"/>
 <client name="a2j">
  <port type="out" name="Midi Through [14] (capture): Midi Through Port-0"/>
  <port type="in" name="Midi Through [14] (playback): Midi Through Port-0"/>
  <port type="in" name="rosegarden [131] (playback): record in">
   <connect port="mclk_out" client="jack_midi_clock"/>
  <port type="out" name="rosegarden [131] (capture): sync out"/>
  <port type="out" name="rosegarden [131] (capture): out 1 - General MIDI
 <client name="jack_midi_clock">
  <port type="out" name="mclk_out">
   <connect port="mclk_in" client="jack_mclk_dump"/>
   <connect port="rosegarden [131] (playback): record in" client="a2j"/>
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