[Ardour-Users] Ardour as a midi timecode slave

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Apr 25 12:43:27 PDT 2021

On Sun, 25 Apr 2021 08:36:42 -1000, robertlazarski wrote:
>it only showed midi connections in the qjackctl alsa pane, not the
>midi pane


the MIDI tab is for jack MIDI and the ALSA tab is for ALSA MIDI.
Actually connecting to external MIDI hardware is done via ALSA MIDI.
Depending on the used setup, you need to bridge jack and ALSA MIDI.
Keyword "a2j_control", while it's not the one and only universal
keyword. However, there are a few questions, are you using jack1 or
jack2 and what version of jack1 or jack2? Even if you should be able to
connect all MIDI devices, MIDI jitter could be, but not necessarily be
another issue. And apart from this, if you should use several equal MIDI
devices, automatically connecting could become a PITA. While you can
make it possible to distinguish between several identical audio
devices, there's no way to do the same for MIDI devices.

Your approach, as far as I understand or misunderstand it, is asking for
trouble. If it's impossible to use the
one_DAW/sequencer_only+plugins_approach, then at least try to
reconsider, if time code sync, let alone clock sync, is a reasonable

The reply from Chris Caudle mentions another approach, that seemingly
doesn't fit to your needs. Maybe you should describe what you actually
want to archive, by describing the real scenario.


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