[Ardour-Users] Migrating an Ardour 2 Session to Ardour 6?

Martin Lynch martin.lynch.toronto at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 03:59:34 PDT 2020

Just started using 6.3, and in the process of going through my back catalog
of sessions, discovered a session I recorded many years ago on 2.0 (I

Attempting to load the session consistently crashes 6.3. So I'm wondering
if anyone has any suggestions as to how to migrate a 2.0 session to 6.3. I
can install older versions if necessary (probably I have the downloads
somewhere), then migrate a version at a time if needed, or can edit the
Ardour file by hand if that's what it takes.

Happy to provide any additional info / logs.

Also, when I first installed 6.3, a message appeared explaining Ardour had
found sessions from 5.2 (I think) and asked if I'd like to have them
converted. I clicked "no". Is there a way to get that dialog to reappear (I
uninstalled and then reinstalled 6.3, but that didn't do it)? Had I clicked
"yes" would Ardour have converted my 2.0 session as well?

Kind regards,

from Clueless Ruler
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