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Thu Oct 29 09:22:40 PDT 2020

The Gardener is a group of ALPA loyal pilots who have taken on the responsibility of protecting the profession from ALPA leadership that has gone astray.  Years ago the group protected the pilots as an extended hand of the MEC, but unfortunately since we've had a member of our pilot group sitting on the United Airlines Board of Directors the company has used this as a tool against us, and there hasn't been one master chairman who hasn't been influenced by the position.

The gardener group has grown in recent months and represents both LUAL & LCAL pilots, most have served on past MEC's or volunteered for years, but all have always been staunch unionists. there are about 30+ gardeners.  Most of our information comes from the current MEC members serving.  

As members, we pay the dues dollars and we have the right to speak out when Master Chairman or puppet MEC members decide our future to the detriment of the profession.  This is our union; despite the association created by-laws that keep the dues paying members from really being involved.

We usually do not respond to emails or comment on our own opinion, it is for you to decide whether you are going to sit on your hands, or take a stand.  But recently, we understand the emotion revolving around this corona virus and what might happen to us.  You have a choice to ask to be removed from our email list - we always comply.  Knowledge is truth, and we will always give you updated information that helps you prepare, because this master chairman isn't going to do it for you.

Notify your representatives that you are done with concessionary negotiations, and further that you are done with outsourcing our domestic, and soon international operation.  Preserve the profession!

Ya'all take care now
The Gardener (s)
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