[Ardour-Users] region splitting

Mark Knoop mark at opus11.net
Wed Jul 1 01:39:40 PDT 2020

At 09:26 on 01 Jul 2020, . m u r m e r . wrote:
> pardon my ignorance if this is a dumb question, but a behaviour i've
> been used to for years (i've been an ardour user since 2006) has
> suddenly changed for me and i can't figure out why. i'm sure it's just
> a preference somewhere that i accidentally clicked, but i can't find
> it, and don't know what it would be named.
> if i have a long region and want to cut a small segment out of it (by
> making 2 cuts and deleting) i expect the two remaining regions (from
> before and after the cut) to remain where they are. now, the later
> region jumps back on the timeline to replace the segment i cut out.
> also, i cannot move regions from one track to another - i can move
> them along the timeline on the same track, but i can't drag them to
> another one.

It sounds like you are in Ripple edit mode. Switch to Slide mode for the behaviour you want.


Mark Knoop

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