[Ardour-Users] Crash with Calf plugins after OS upgrade

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Mar 2 23:42:39 PST 2019

On Sun, 03 Mar 2019 11:56:44 +0800, James Harkins wrote:
>more informative

The EQ's display and/or the EQ itself might be inaccurate.
However, assuming both are absolut accurate, it still doesn't gain much.
Mixing several sound sources (e.g. instruments) to a clear mix requires
that each instrument gets a position inside three "rooms", the spatial
position (for a stereo mix usually just somewhere between left and
right), a position within the frequency domain and a position within
the volume domain (foreground, background). Those three rooms aren't
independent, they altogether build one room, so we usually need to
ensure that the mix is portable, e.g. a good stereo mix could sound
clear in one apartment, but terrible, if playing it on even the same
gear, in another apartment, so we need to mix with headroom for all
those interacting positions of the sound sources. I seriously doubt
that an audio engineer has got a technical visual imagination of the
complete mix and is able to imagine how a single sound source of the
mix does look like and fits into this visual imagination. Those GUIs
are toys. A toy isn't necessarily useless, it could be useful to
stimulate creativity, but a toy isn't helpful at all for providing
technical information that is usable. Replacing an EQs GUI with e.g. a
few Legos and a few looks out of the window should be easy to do.
Windows are often missing in audio studios. IMO toy GUIs of EQs and
other plugins are a bad replacement for a window.

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