[Ardour-Users] Crash with Calf plugins after OS upgrade

James Harkins jamshark70 at zoho.com
Sat Mar 2 19:56:44 PST 2019

---- On Sat, 02 Mar 2019 19:15:20 +0800 Luis Finotti <luis.finotti at gmail.com> wrote ----
> Just remove the Calf LADSPA plugins.  Then the LV2 ones should work.

And we have a winner. Thanks. The Calf LADSPA plugins took LMMS with them (LMMS is bundled in Ubuntu Studio), but I never used LMMS very much.

> As someone that teaches audio mixing at a local uni, I would also recommend learning to EQ by ear, not by reading numbers, it will help you improve tremendously.

In my own work in SC, I do exactly that. (After 20 years of practice, I can slice out one resonant peak in a drum and hear the next one before searching for it.) But it's faster with a more informative display.


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