[Ardour-Users] Noise when downloading files

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Mon Feb 4 23:09:41 PST 2019

Using my old desktop PC I could hear the CPU working as any task that modulated power consumption with a frequency in the audible range slightly affected the voltages the motherboard output.
I rather liked this low-amplitude noise, though.


Your computer is connected to the ground  potential using a line that has an inductivity above zero which means that if the computer changes the network lines it's ground potential might jump a bit.
Perhaps that would be yet another possible explanation: in theory ethernet is truly differential and doesn't contain any ground bounce. But there are many mechanisms that aren't part of that theory...

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On 5 February 2019 05:43:42 CET, Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> wrote:
>At first I would check, if continuity, especially shield of the whole
>chain is intact. Especially check breakout crap. My RME card's breakout
>cable jack soldering joints are coated with hot glue at delivery, but
>this doesn't protect against damage of the cables or just against dirt
>and corrosion. The rear of a tower PC might be inaccessible for regular
>care. In my experiences T{,R}S jacks and sockets often don't match very
>good. Time for another RME rant, since the breakout cable does provide
>XLR from Neutrik, but TRS from elCheapo. To be fair, audio gear of
>other companies often suffers from low quality manufacturing. I had
>Behringer gear with analog XLR IOs that suffered from hum noise at
>delivery, Behringer repaired it, but since it is repair, a jog wheel of
>that device can't be used anymore, because it jams in the chassis.
>Ready to use cables and ready to use gear often aren't ready to use,
>actually they tend to be partial pre-built assembly kits.
>In former times the analog domain often suffered from op-amp
>random noise, but without fulfilling ISO 9000, gear usually was well
>manufactured. Nowadays op-amps are from better quality, but lousy
>manufacturing that does fulfil ISO 9000, as well as some new
>technology, such as SMPS, are the cause of {EMC,}troubles.
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