[Ardour-Users] acoustic guitar tone

Axel 'the C.L.A.' Müller axel-mueller-74 at web.de
Mon Mar 5 06:43:27 PST 2018

On Mon, 5 Mar 2018 15:20:20 +0100
"Axel 'the C.L.A.' Müller" <axel-mueller-74 at web.de> wrote:

> Different opinion... ;)
> I'm not sure if and how much of the pickup is mixed in, but I think most
> of the sound comes from the mics. Though I'm not sure which mic
> technique he uses there. Almost looks like M/S, but the perspective
> could be misleading. Could also be X/Y or Blumlein (figure 8 might give
> some proximity effect and bigger bass response right from the start).
> If using M/S there'd also be some freedom to play with the polar
> pattern of the center mic in such a setup, I think.
> Seems to have quite a lot of compression on that as well - not sure if
> single or multiband.

Another interesting observation, wich you can see a bit better in one
of the other videos: The pickup actually only seems to have pole pieces
on the lower 4 strings.

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