[Ardour-Users] "Extract LTC from audio and align video" menu option missing from "Transcode/Import Video file" popup

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Apr 1 13:20:52 PDT 2018

On 04/01/2018 09:51 PM, robertlazarski . wrote:

> I recently posted a question about LTC on the LAU mailing list, and was
> given some advice to try the Ardour "Extract LTC from audio and align
> video" option. However, I don't see that option in the "Extract audio" drop
> down box. I see two optons:"do not extract the video" , and an option for
> "AAC" .

It's a Checkbox below the dropdown.

   see http://robin.linuxaudio.org/tmp/extract_ltc.png

It's pretty basic. It uses the first (left) audio channel and ties to
decode LTC.  It uses LTC frames from the beginning of the stream to
align the start of the video.

Check Menu > Window > Log, LTC messages currently go there.

Since you compile from source, you can also enable various debug
messages in  libs/ardour/ltc_file_reader.cc

hope that helps,

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