[Ardour-Users] input levels, master levels

Matt Keys matt at mattkeys.net
Fri Sep 29 04:12:34 PDT 2017

Hi list, I'm a newb to production so I apologize if this is a dumb question. What is the best practice regarding normalizing input volume levels of unbalanced, balanced, and xlr (or a mix thereof) into ardour? For example from instrument to Ardour ..

guitar (unb TS) -> gfx (2x XLR) -> analog mixer (2x balanced TS) -> usb audio interface -> ardour

.. each point has volume adjust. Let's say I bypass any effects and I'm 'clean' through to the usb mixer, but in ardour it sounds too hot/distorted in master out. I don't appear to be clipping anywhere along the path in, and I don't think I'm applying any gain along the way. Where is the best place to adjust or attempt to normalize -- input or aggregate of the mixer, the usb audio interface, or ardour? Is there a plugin that can normalize all inputs before hitting the master out bus in ardour?


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