[Ardour-Users] Ardour 5.10 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jun 15 06:50:26 PDT 2017

We are pleased to announce the availability of Ardour 5.10. This is
primarily a bug-fix release, with several important fixes for recent
selection/cut/copy/paste regressions along with fixes for many long
standing issues large and small.

This release also sees the arrival of VCA slave automation, along with
improvements in overall VCA master/slave behaviour. There are also
significant extensions to Ardour's OSC support.

Download as usual via http://ardour.org/download
General Fixes and Improvements

   - (Time) Range selection and copy/cut/paste now works again.
   - Selection and copy/cut/paste for automation tracks now works again.
   - Extend list of reserved track/port names (including translated
   versions of "Click").
   - Fix another case where potentially illegal track/port names were not
   checked correctly.
   - Context click on [Marker] > loop range should set loop range.
   - Tweak/fix splash screen management.
   - Update writable status of a Save-as copy of a Session.
   - Add note name parser to convert to midi note number.
   - VST parameter names can now be up to 128 characters long.
   - Remember the state (shown/hidden, attached/detached) of the Monitor
   - Ardour's own custom buttons now correctly reflect the initial state of
   the action they control.
   - Stop crash after deleting a group.
   - Fix double "Tape" in Record Mode drop down when adding new track.
   - Support note name editing in midi list editor.
   - Fix out-of-bounds waveform image rendering.
   - Set Display Name for OSX/macOS.
   - Fix libhid compile with /recent/ libc (GNU_SOURCE).
   - Fix failure to laod old tempo maps.
   - Use correct variable in BasicUI::jump_by_seconds.
   - Tempo sections with a BBT start XML node are never ramped.
   - Sort tempo map after legacy sections have been assigned a pulse.
   - Include ParameterDescriptor in read-only control output.
   - Implement basic AU parameter-printing.
   - Pretty print control-outputs in generic-UI.
   - Always create a deep copy of MIDI regions when copying playlists.
   - Use correct names when setting MidiTrack properties.
   - Use correct property name in generic MIDI surface.
   - Allow export presets for 176.4KHz.
   - When creating a new session after working on one, the "Cancel" button
   should be a quit button.
   - Duplicate routes start off unsoloed to avoid issues related to
   upstream / downstream buses.
   - If actively recording, prevent interaction between mouse and audio
   clock widget(s).
   - Remove "Close" button from import-dialog (prefer WM close button).
   - Import Dialog now behaves now other dialogs/windows when using Escape.
   - Add route dialog now has "Add" and "Add and Close" buttons. "Add"
   keeps dialog open so user can add multiple templates.
   - Fix recording-region graphics when using count-in.
   - Fix reversed logic in legacy tempo secton detection.
   - Tempo lines display subdivisions correctly over a tempo change.
   - Fix crash when showing plugin-UI in safe-mode.
   - Fix DSP in a-EQ, when parameters change very slowly.
   - Fix playhead behaviour when synced to JACK tranport.
   - When dragging notes, keep the note length correct even if tempo
   changes across the drag.
   - a-EQ: Tweak knob layout to be less confusing.
   - Make Import the default action in the Import Dialog.
   - Restore the state of the autoplay button in the import dialog.
   - Consistent "cancel/close" button position on the left.


   - Add a file-chooser LuaDialog Widget.
   - Update LuaDialog example script to include File/Folder selection.
   - Add Lua bindings for VCAs and VCAManager.

VCA & Automation

   - Automation for VCA masters can now be written, edited etc.
   - Do not crash when removing a VCA master.
   - Fix relative grouped + VCA slaved gain.
   - Fix Monitor Group override.
   - Allow group gain sharing + VCA again.
   - Remember subgroup-bus.

OSC Support and Control

   - Removed letter automation modes to not conflict with feedback.
   - Add Automation mode feedback to /strip.
   - Get gain feedback to show with automation Play.
   - Fix select fader automation play feedback as well fixes issue #7160.
   - Change function name to be better description.
   - Automation feedback should match command.
   - Fix manual port setting to take effect on first incoming message.
   - Actually set feedback on first /strip/command.
   - Make /*/automation more generic so other controls can be easily added.
   - Added automation name feedback.
   - Add /strip/fader/touch.
   - Add fake timeout based touch.
   - Catch case of surface sending fader move before touch.
   - Further fixes so multiple controls can touch at once.
   - Fix return value for successful touch.
   - Some surfaces may use float for ssid. Accept this too.
   - Add optional paging to sends in select.
   - Add option to send /reply instead of #reply (OSC1.0 compat).
   - Select channel plugin support with paging.
   - Allow set_surface to set send and plugin page sizes.
   - Save and restore send/plugin page size.
   - Add send/plugin page values to GUI.
   - Make /strip/list accept a parameter like everything else.
   - Add feedback for extra comp and eq controls.

Control Surfaces

   - Improve all control surfaces' handling of track/bus selection changes.
   - Midi map for Alesis QX25.
   - Update FaderPort8: new possible controllable parameters.
   - Mackie Control: Momentarily light buttons when they are used to
   trigger a defined action. (This is mainly for F-keys)
   - Mackie Control: If a button is not assigned an action, it will not
   light, hopefully indicating to the user that it is unmapped).
   - Mackie Control: F-keys are reserved only for user-defined actions; no
   need for explicit handling.
   - Mackie Control: configuration panel should display the profile name
   when any button action is changed.
   - Mackie Control: Assign some F-keys for default user profile.
   - Mackie Control map the well-known EQ knobs more explicitly, not
   - Mackie Control: Fix issue with strip "select" buttons that stayed
   stuck on.

Translation Updates

   - German (Edgar Aichinger).
   - Russian (Alexander Prokoudine).


Ben Loftis, Damien Zammit, Daniel Sheeler, Johannes Mueller, John Emmas,
Len Ovens, Nick Mainsbridge, Nils Geisweiller, Paul Davis, Robin Gareus,
Tim Mayberry
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