[Ardour-Users] New user saying Hello from Brazil

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Jul 1 13:47:58 PDT 2017

On 07/01/2017 10:43 PM, Alexandre de Faria wrote:
> Sorry Paul, it was silly but I forgot to tell:
> Win7 64bits

I suggest a reboot and maybe be patient. I hazard a guess that Ardour
hangs while scanning soundcards early on.

There have been some similar reports for uses who have jack installed.
Ardour tries to discover soundcards, jack tries to auto-launch (and
fail), timeout for the auto-launch can be ~ 1minute in total.

Alternatively grab a debug-build from https://nightly.ardour.org/ (demo
is fine).  Start > All Apps -> Ardour -> Ardour GDB   will run it inside
a debugger and print message to a terminal.


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