[Ardour-Users] Behringer FCB1010

Matt Keys matt at mattkeys.net
Mon Jan 30 05:39:19 PST 2017

Hello list! My setup is a Intel NUC running Debian 8 amd64 and I'm using the default ardour3 package (ardour3_3.5.403~dfsg-3_amd64.deb). My audio interface is a Tascam 16x08 usb. I have the midi out port of the tascam plugged to the midi in of my foot controller, and the midi out of the foot controller plugged into the midi in of the tascam. I also have a M-Audio Keystation 88 plugged via usb. I'm able to use the M-Audio in Ardour, but my question is where do I configure the foot controller? I would like to do things like start/stop recording, control volume, stereo panning, loop start/stop, or effects insertion/removal.


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