[Ardour-Users] Another newbie Question: Anyone having experiences with following setup: Ardour, Jack, Linux, Lexicon Omega (or other USB1-device) ?

Harry Rüter h.rueter at gmx.net
Mon Feb 13 12:53:28 PST 2017


my 2cents are in between the thread ..

Am 13.02.2017 um 16:10 schrieb David Kastrup:
> h.rueter at gmx.net writes:
>> Hi,
>> as mentioned in subject I'm a newbie.
>> I'm trying to find an optimal (os/software)configuration for my setup, which in te
>> moment means
>> that i try to minimize latency. I followed suggestions in the following link:
>> http://joegiampaoli.blogspot.de/2011/06/m-audio-fast-track-pro-for-debian-linux.html
>> It seems to be a little outdated, anyway following the informations
>> i got my 4.4.47-rt kernel built and it runs fine on ubuntustudio 16.04.
>> Other things like installing rtirq etc also work fine.
> What did you use rtirq for?  Does the USB interface have an interrupt of
> its own?
Yes, it now has it's own int, that was one goal for the whole kernelthing ..

>> Now, i tried several configurations with jackd, it seems
>> minimal latency with few to no xruns is about 10 msec.
>> I ask myself "is this the minimum of latency i can configure? "
> If it is really USB1, I doubt you can do much better.
The hardware indeed is USB1, if it was it USB2 I would be lucky, didn't 
think about it when i bought it :-(
> However, the main question is what you want that low latency for.  You
> need actual low latency for software effects you want to monitor in
> realtime or for software monitoring in general.  Either seem like asking
> for trouble with a USB1 interface.  For other stuff like multitrack
> recording you don't need low latency as much as you need latency
> housekeeping (which ardour does pretty well).
I always go step by step in all my projects, optimum in latency was my 
first goal
in the actual "recording-project" ..

Good hints .. in the moment i don't think about software effects.

Latency housekeeping/Ardour can you tell more about that ?

I'm a newbie, so I try to make you understand what's behind my 
"latency-optimizing-problem" ...

My "problem" is, I think there could be problems when  doing multitracking.
Think about the first track being recorded, then I will do the second 
one (and so on)
The first track is easy, cause 10msec latency is like 3 meter distance 
to my guitaramp,
I never had any problems with this (and noone everwill have).
It would not be a problem if it was 1second, cause who cares at what 
time my
music is fixed into a "medium" ... at THIS TIME ?

Recording the second track could be an issue in terms of of timing/latency.
I hear playback of  the first track, play, but what I record now has a 
minimum of 10msec "timedistance"
to the first track ...

Does latency housekeeping mean there's a compensation in ardour ?
And if do I have to callibrate for my special hardware-latency ?

>> If you have a similar setup, were you able to configure a latency
>> below 10 msec ?
> Funnily, with my 96kHz/24bit multi-channel Firewire setup, I had to
> _reduce_ my original latency/buffer size since apparently the hardware
> was none too happy about buffering too much.  I think I went down to
> something like 6ms because I _had_ to.
Seems latency produced  a different problem on your setup :o)

Best regards

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