[Ardour-Users] Another newbie Question: Anyone having experiences with following setup: Ardour, Jack, Linux, Lexicon Omega (or other USB1-device) ?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Mon Feb 13 07:10:00 PST 2017

h.rueter at gmx.net writes:

> Hi,
> as mentioned in subject I'm a newbie.
> I'm trying to find an optimal (os/software)configuration for my setup, which in te
> moment means
> that i try to minimize latency. I followed suggestions in the following link:
> http://joegiampaoli.blogspot.de/2011/06/m-audio-fast-track-pro-for-debian-linux.html
> It seems to be a little outdated, anyway following the informations 
> i got my 4.4.47-rt kernel built and it runs fine on ubuntustudio 16.04.
> Other things like installing rtirq etc also work fine.

What did you use rtirq for?  Does the USB interface have an interrupt of
its own?

> Now, i tried several configurations with jackd, it seems
> minimal latency with few to no xruns is about 10 msec.
> I ask myself "is this the minimum of latency i can configure? "

If it is really USB1, I doubt you can do much better.

However, the main question is what you want that low latency for.  You
need actual low latency for software effects you want to monitor in
realtime or for software monitoring in general.  Either seem like asking
for trouble with a USB1 interface.  For other stuff like multitrack
recording you don't need low latency as much as you need latency
housekeeping (which ardour does pretty well).

> If you have a similar setup, were you able to configure a latency
> below 10 msec ?

Funnily, with my 96kHz/24bit multi-channel Firewire setup, I had to
_reduce_ my original latency/buffer size since apparently the hardware
was none too happy about buffering too much.  I think I went down to
something like 6ms because I _had_ to.

David Kastrup

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