[Ardour-Users] rework of tempo editing

nick mainsbridge mainsbridge at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 15:16:38 PST 2017

rework_tempo_editing branch has been merged into master.
the rework focuses mainly on matching tempo to existing material.
not many people require this sort of workflow, so this is a plea
to all available testers to help find bugs and crashes.

Main Change:

tempo markers now have a start and an end rate with common note type.
when a new tempo is added, altering it's start tempo
(e.g. by shift-dragging the blue tempo curve) will no longer cause it to

Technique (one of many possible ones):

tempo matching to a 'free time' recording requires an initial stretch of
constant tempo.
the tempo is most easily adjusted by shift-dragging the blue tempo curve or
the BBT ruler.
attempt to match the tempo by doing this until the tempo lines match the
for as long a distance as possible.
assuming that this initial one doesn't match the whole recording, the last
'good' alignment between
the click and the recording is marked with a new tempo (ctrl-click on the
blue tempo curve).
there are now two choices, depending on the material:

1) there is a sudden change to a new tempo
- shift-drag the blue tempo curve (the more distance you have between the
new mark
  and the mouse, the better) until the recorded tempo matches the new
  observe that the tempo point changes colour to indicate a discontinuity
between the end
  of one section and the beginning of the next.

2) the tempo drifts up or down from the currently set tempo
- guess (or listen to) the duration of this drift and place a new tempo
mark on the BBT line
  corresponding to your guess. when in doubt use two bars of distance.
- shift-drag the new mark until its BBT position aligns with the recording.
this will set the
  end tempo of the previous mark.
  if this doesn't match all the way to the next mark, align as much
distance as possible
  and place a new mark (shift click) a the last 'good' spot.
  you may now shift-drag the last mark (the wrong guess one) to align the
rest of the section.
  match the tempo of the last stretch of music in the usual way (shift drag
the tempo curve).


  control-dragging a tempo copies it, so this is the usual way to return to
a known tempo (click-based recording).

Other tools:

if a ramp is required to some next tempo, right click and select 'Ramp to

to reset a tempo to constant, right click and select 'Set Constant'.

the start/end tempi may be adjusted by grabbing a mark with no modifiers
then holding shift or ctrl-shift while vertical dragging.

shift-control-drag on the blue tempo curve (if there are a few surrounding
tempi) does something interesting.

thanks in advance for your bug reports :)

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