[Ardour-Users] modular synths -- was Re: analog summing

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Dec 23 06:50:34 PST 2017

On 12/22/2017 04:27 PM, Gordonjcp wrote:
>> maybe start here: https://youtu.be/kkMHprDW8PU?t=39000s
>> I'm willing to bet that you can listen to this for at least 20min
>> without being bored :)
> That's not to my taste.  I can't listen to that seasicky
> kick-drum-pumping-pad stuff.

Perfectly fine if it's not to your taste; it's not my usual taste
either, actually. The pumping kick is occasional, maybe skip around a
bit, I like the ambient part at end (~11h) a lot.

I find it fascinating, a hell of a performance and there are very
interesting sounds. But that's just as subjective as your "boring".

Still, those sounds are far from "sad little out-of-tune farting noises"
that you've asserted.

Could you do it all digitally? Probably. If you have enough CPU power
and an elaborate control-surface. Analog patching does have some
properties that good instruments have, though (besides many modules
these days are digital behind the face-place).

Time to update vcvrack and have some fun over the holidays. I also have
not yet given up hope that I'll get to unwrap an ingen release x-mas
present and patch inside Ardour :)


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