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Matt Keys matt at mattkeys.net
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These videos were a great help, thank you!

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On 12/17/2017 08:54 AM, Robin Gareus wrote:

> One valid case for using some external gear for summing is to add
> non-linearities (and noise). Same reason why some guitarists prefer
> Tube-amps. Although there do exist some quite good plugin emulations or
> modeled channelstrips for "analog warmth". YMMV

 Absolutely. If you want that harmonic distortion that humans
psycho-acoustically refer to as warmth, sum through a really cool
vintage console like a Neve. But they're many tens of thousands of
dollars, so just go with the plugs, or nothing at all.

> While not directly relevant to summing, I highly recommend to spend
> 20mins on https://xiph.org/video/vid2.shtml  It's one of the best
Xiph.Org Video Presentations: Digital Show & Tell<https://xiph.org/video/vid2.shtml>
Continuing the "firehose" tradition of maximum information density, Xiph.Org's second video on digital media explores multiple facets of digital audio signals ...

> explanations of bit-depth, dithering and overall basic concepts every
> audio-engineer should know.

 Monty's videos are my go-to videos when I don't want to have to
explain, for the 100th time, that there are no stair steps, which these
days, is every time.

 Another great video I use whenever someone keeps shoveling heaps of
audio snake-oil into conversations is this one, on audio myths:


Audio Myths Workshop<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYTlN6wjcvQ>
This is a video version of my Audio Myths workshop from the October 2009 AES show in New York City. Because of a few music examples I used, this video blocked in some ...

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