[Ardour-Users] Wiggling the sidebar: crackling noise

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Thu Sep 15 14:10:43 PDT 2016

> Such interaction could be possible, but then most likely components of
> the tea water warmer, such as spikes caused by the temperature switch,
> inductive noise from the heating element, would be audible, too.
> Actually what cable should be broken, that should make such an
> interaction possible?

I've had once experienced a power cable that made strange noise when you
moved on the other side of the room which had a massive concrete floor:
the wire was broken inside it and - normally if it looses contact by an
amount small enough to create a spark gap and small enough to be caused
by someone shift the wight from one foot to the other I would have
expect this to wield the two halves together again. But this one time
that didn't happen until the cable started smoking.

But you are right: This kind of setup produces not only electrical, but
also acoustical noise - which wasn't too bad in my case as it made sure
I will find the problem before it starts a fire.

Kind regards,


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