[Ardour-Users] Radio made with linux (Was: Locate peaks / Saving disk space)

Alf Haakon Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Fri Oct 28 16:37:44 PDT 2016

Thanks to all giving advice at different points in the process!

The interview I recorded is edited and will be aired / streamed at 
1600-1700 (Norwegian time) Saturday 29th of October. Some (minor) parts 
are in Norwegian, but the bulk of it is in English.

Anyone interested can go to radiOrakel's website for live streaming [1], 
or if you're residing in or near Oslo, you can tune in to FM 99,3. Only 
live streaming / airing, though there will be a rerun Monday at 1800.

I'm still not entirely satisfied with my playing around with 
compressors, limiters, EQ's and expanders, but I think the result is 
decent enough for my level.

The interview is with members of King Crimson and we're also playing a 
few songs from their European tour this September.

Thanks again!

Al F
[1. http://radiorakel.no/livestream/ ]

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