[Ardour-Users] 4-channel stereo

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat May 21 15:43:11 PDT 2016

On 05/21/2016 11:50 PM, Gunter Königsmann wrote:
>> I take it, if you don't Abort it works, right?
> Right. In other words: Ardour won't crash if the user doesn't do
> something stupid.


It should be fixed in git, now (4.7-1070-g0366057)

> In my experience there is no reason to complain about the stability
> of ardour, anyway. ...and even if I took ardour's rather high cpu
> usage as granted it seems to have decreased drastically in the last
> few releases.

Ardour by itself should use very little CPU actually.
There's no DSP (apart from some gain/mix, panning and metering).

> Another little question: In one of my recordings it seems like I
> chose the level of my two front channels too low. Is it possible to
> normalize only these two channels? If not I will do this by hand.

I don't think there's per-channel region-gain.

I'd add a simple amp plugin to the track, connect first two channels
only, then bounce-with-processing.

Anyway, what is the reason to not use 4 mono tracks and simply group them?


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